Ben’s Electric Solutions Team – They are rockin’ it with a steady inflow of Google Reviews!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ben’s Electric Solutions Team is one of our early adopters, and Ben jumped on our Five Star Review Acquisition solution right away. Starting with just 6 Google Reviews, it’s just a few months later and Ben has 77 Google reviews with out lifting a finger.

Because of the higher number of new, genuine reviews, he is getting calls for quotations on a regular basis. Search Google for “Electricians near Sundance Calgary” and you’ll see that Ben is third on the list of results.

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Expand your reach with an accurate list of leads

Are you combing through LinkedIn, Facebook, and corporate websites looking for leads? Maybe you are buying lists that are of questionable accuracy and quality from a third party. We have just signed up to be partners of a solution called Seamless AI. Seamless AI is a contact search engine that finds verified cell phones, emails, and direct dials for anyone you need to sell to. (You can even see the company org chart!) Once you get your list, Seamless can automatically upload the contact information into your CRM, email program, or downloads to a spreadsheet. 

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Gary Pitcher

Web Developer

Gary has forgotten more about technology than most of us will ever know. He’s worked in dozens of industries in a wide variety of roles and solves difficult problems recreationally. By the time you’ve formulated your question, Gary already has an answer, which would be annoying except he’s so darned nice about it.

Adrian Proctor

Web Developer

When you put Adrian behind a keyboard, magic happens. On stage, that means he’s making music. At work, he’s bringing website designs to life. Adrian is probably the quietest member of the Unrivald Digital team, but when he speaks, we all listen because we know he’s got something important to say.

Shaheen Bhimani


Shaheen is the guy you want in your corner when you’ve got a complex problem to solve in the next 15 minutes. He’s part MacGyver, part Tony Stark and part while still being the nicest guy in the room, hands down. His soft-spoken, down-to-earth vibe and ability to deliver makes him a client favourite.

Blair Shunk


Whether leading a meeting, riding his motorcycle, or running in the Banff Jasper Relay (for which he was Race Director for many years), Blair connects with the world around him. He inspires his team to work hard while never forgetting the value of the relationships he builds with clients.