I recently had a lead contact me and said that they didn’t want to create a website. Their coach said that they didn’t need one. I contacted her to find out just why the coach would say a business doesn’t need a website. As it turned out, this was indeed awesome, because she hadn’t defined her audience yet.

I admire her for waiting until she has her message clear, and isn’t wasting her money putting some vague message out there that may or may not hit the mark.

Try to ensure that any of your digital advertising, or any of your advertising in general for that matter, is targeted to your ideal customer. There’s no sense creating a blog, newsletter, or a website for people that will never use your service. That’s called spray and pray, and it is not a strategy.

Some of the factors that you have to consider are the age group of your customer, what business business sector do they work in. Is there a gender closely aligned with your product? Is there a religious group, a society or a charity who you are trying to reach?

Man overlooking the mountains below

Is your customer a weekend hiker?

The more accurately you define your target, the more effective your advertising is going to be, and the more sales you’re going to get.

To dig a little deeper, perhaps certain colors appeal to your demographic cohort, the imagery should relate to them. What about tone of voice? Are you serious? Excited? Having fun? It just depends on the audience you’re trying to reach.

The attributes of your audience are probably already in your own mind, but you just haven’t articulated it yet.

Wrapping it up

Her business coach gave great advice to her. So it is indeed awesome that she doesn’t need a website at this time. She would be wasting her money and time. It’s possible that we wouldn’t like each other by the time it’s over because the website that was built would have to be rebuilt once she defined her ideal customer.

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We could perform a health check of your digital marketing strategy, to determine how your business is faring online. Our evaluation will show you where you’re excelling, and what areas need more work. We can even come up with a plan for how you’re going to spend your advertising dollars in the upcoming months.

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