How To Boost Your Business in a Tough Canadian Economy

In Canada’s tough marketplace, inflation is on the rise, and rising taxes are causing your customers to save every dollar they can. In a small business, every sale counts, every expense is a hit. This competitive environment makes building trust and attracting new customers more critical than ever.

There is a solution!

The power of positive online reviews, particularly Google Reviews, can differentiate you from your competitors and get you more calls for quotes and more business. We know that 5-Star Reviews = More Customers, so we need to get as many 5-Star reviews as possible.

Why Online Reviews Matter More Than Ever

Think of Google Reviews as your business’s online report card.  Ninety-three percent of Canadians consult online reviews before making a purchase decision.  A strong showing of positive reviews acts as a persuasive factor, convincing potential customers that your business is trustworthy and delivers quality products or services. This is why 5-Star Reviews = More Customers.

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Here’s how stellar Google Reviews can benefit your small business in this economic climate:

Boost Trust and Credibility: Positive reviews build trust with potential customers, who are more likely to choose you over competitors with lackluster online reputations.

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Turning Satisfied Customers into Reviewers

Encouraging happy customers to leave reviews is an ongoing process. Here are some tips to get you started:

Always, Always ASK for a Review!: Passive methods like Including a link to your Google My Business profile on your website, email signature, and even receipts are hit and miss! Use a software solution AUTOMATICALLY ask every time you send out an invoice or close a job.

  • Request Reviews at the Right Time: After a positive customer interaction, AUTOMATICALLY ask if they’d be willing to leave a review on Google.
  • Respond to All Reviews: Thank customers for positive reviews and acknowledge constructive criticism in negative ones. Showcasing that you value customer feedback builds trust and demonstrates professionalism.
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Blair Shunk

About The Authour:

Blair Shunk, Founder of Unrivald Digital

Blair has been in the web development space since the days of Netscape and dialup modems. As business owner, he has to learn about new technologies and trends to keep his customers and his business current and competitive. Feel free to reach out with any questions or topics you’d like to see in our blogs.

Click this link to read Blair’s blog about the power of an ARP (Automated Reviews Process). It works, it’s inexpensive and it works! (Oops, did I say that already?)

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Blair Shunk


Whether leading a meeting, riding his motorcycle, or running in the Banff Jasper Relay (for which he was Race Director for many years), Blair connects with the world around him. He inspires his team to work hard while never forgetting the value of the relationships he builds with clients.