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Keri Looijen, Unrivald Digital Content Marketer

Content Marketer

Keri has been working in the social media and content industry for over 10 years, through her own businesses and passion projects. A lifelong storyteller, Keri’s work has been published in a variety of magazines, blogs and multiple other written platforms.

Keri is a community builder whose strengths shine in connecting people. She currently publishes the only Canadian quarterly Pin Up magazine, True North Pin Up Magazine, with the sole focus on connecting pin ups and vintage lovers from coast to coast.

She launched an annual fundraiser in 2018 called the Rides For Relief Charity Car Show Fundraiser, to raise essential funds in support of women and children fleeing domestic violence. She’s an empowering advocate for women and families who’ve lost their voice in this situation.

An avid bargain hunter, she scours antique and thrift stores and markets looking for vintage pyrex and odd kitschy treasures for her home. Unshakeable, as a vintage horror movie buff Keri claims to never be scared and has a fascination with old monsters and scaring children on Halloween. She’s hooked on houseplants (70 and counting) and death gardens. Yes, those are a thing.

Educational Highlights

  • Business Administration: Integrated Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing Diplomas.
  • Hubspot Inbound Certification 
  • Google Ads – Display Certification 
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Hootsuite Platform Certification
  • Yoga Teacher Training

Bold. Modern. Competitive.

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Gary Pitcher

Web Developer

Gary has forgotten more about technology than most of us will ever know. He’s worked in dozens of industries in a wide variety of roles and solves difficult problems recreationally. By the time you’ve formulated your question, Gary already has an answer, which would be annoying except he’s so darned nice about it.

Keri Looijen

Content Marketer

Keri is the girl with the snazzy words, and always something to say. At the car shows, you’ll find her dressed to the nines in her petticoats and heels with her victory rolls high. At work, she’s our content marketer, crafting words and slinging social. She makes any topic interesting and engaging, in her quest to connect you with your customers.

Adrian Proctor

Web Developer

When you put Adrian behind a keyboard, magic happens. On stage, that means he’s making music. At work, he’s bringing website designs to life. Adrian is probably the quietest member of the Unrivald Digital team, but when he speaks, we all listen because we know he’s got something important to say.

Thiago Aragao

Digital Marketer

Thiago is all about visual and aesthetic. He loves to design with purpose and believes that every piece of design has to have a shape, a meaning, and a function. His claim to fame on the team is making everything look better than expected. He’s humble but takes pride in knocking every project out of the park.

Taylor Matheson

Account Manager

Taylor is our resident extravert. She’s an ace relationship builder, and a clever ad writer, which means she becomes a trustworthy partner to our team and our clients alike. She believes that relationships and a strong focus on the desired outcomes makes for more effective marketing with more meaningful results.

Shaheen Bhimani


Shaheen is the guy you want in your corner when you’ve got a complex problem to solve in the next 15 minutes. He’s part MacGyver, part Tony Stark and part while still being the nicest guy in the room, hands down. His soft-spoken, down-to-earth vibe and ability to deliver makes him a client favourite.

Marie Davis


Working in an agency setting is the perfect fit for Marie for whom a variety of intellectual challenges is what gets her out of bed in the morning (though admittedly, not really early). Working solo on a project, collaboratively with a client or managing a team, Marie thrives on high performance and bad jokes.

Blair Shunk


Whether leading a meeting, riding his motorcycle, or running in the Banff Jasper Relay (for which he was Race Director for many years), Blair connects with the world around him. He inspires his team to work hard while never forgetting the value of the relationships he builds with clients.